About Us

“These Youth Churches Are to Let The Young Ones "Come as They Are". It's to Be a Place Where They Take Ownership of, Learn The Rudiments of Christianity, Have "Fun In The Way of God”

Pastor E.A Adeboye

The Mandate

Who We Are

The City of David, Eket Now a Province Overseeing One Hundred and Fifty Parishes and Eleven States Started Out As a Special Parish of The Redeemed Christian Church of God Carved Out to Appeal Specially to The Young at Heart.

The Youth Church Concept Came From The General Overseer, Pastor E.A Adeboye. We were Charged to Do Things Differently But Withing The Confines of Scriptures. With The word of God as our source, We Created a Unique Style of Worship That Resonates With Young People and Sustained Them on The Part of Godliness.

Our Services And Programmes Are unorthodox and Our Praise Sections Are Dynamic. Everyone is Given Opportunity To Contribute Without Discrimination. The leadership Structure is Custom-Built To Enhance and Facilitate Development of Young People To Become Leaders in The Vineyard of God within One Year of Her Existence, The The City of David, Eket Resonated Within The Christian Community in Eket and Beyond.

Beliefs & Philosophies

The Framework For What The City Of David, Eket Does Sits on It's Mission's Three Pillars(Driven by Our Vision to Be The Mountain of The Lord's House in Eket and its Environs): 1. Liberty of Worship 2. Establishing The Kingdom 3. Developing Leaders

1. Liberty of Worship The Youth Assembly Provides The Conducive Atmosphere For The Youth And Young at Heart to Worship God Without Confinement, Restraint and Criticism. The City of David, Eket Allows Young Men and Women to Come to God as They are and in His Presence are Transformed to The Image He Wants Them to Be Through His Word That Transforms and Breaks Every Barrier. We Deliberately Worship Most of The Time With Contemporary Christian Music. We Run Multiple/Different Types of Sunday Services and Programms With Inspired Sub themes Which Makes The City Of David, Eket Church Exciting, Purposeful and Relevant as There is Always Something New and Different To Look Out For.

2. Establishing The kingdom We Believe Evangelism is key in Establishing and Expanding God's kingdom. We Have Different Types(bob-a-jog; mass evangelism; Departmental evangelism, etc.) To help Turn People to Christ. We Use our Believer's Class (New creation reality), and Workers in Training Classes to Further Establish People in The kingdom/House of God. We use the Jesus is Lord Service(a special word, Healing and miracle service) To Deal With People's Challenges; and Generally Get Blessed and Refreshed in The Lord. The Testimonies Have Been so Outstanding Confirming Really The Lordship of Jesus Over All Issues.

3. Developing Leaders. The Structures at The City Of David Places Emphasis on People Development ; The Various Departments are Led By People and Provides The Ideal Training Ground For Them to Perfect Their Qualities Without Fear of Criticism. We Challenge Them With Responsibilities. We Guide Them By The Right Example By Teaching Leadership Principles, Challenging Them to Be Better, Expanding Their Horizon, Instill Confidence in Them And Show an Expectation That They Will Succeed.